Bessey Toggle Clamp

Your benefits at a glance:

Automatic adjustment of the jaw height
The BESSEY self adjusting toggle clamp automatically adjusts to the height of the particular work piece. The infinitely variable jaw height is up to 40 mm (1 O In.) for the horizontal toggle clamp and 16 mm (P In.) for the push/pull clamp while the clamping force remains unchanged. This renders time-consuming manual adjustment of the pressure screw unnecessary.

Set screw on the cantilevered joint
Using the set screw on the cantilevered joint, the clamping force can be adjusted to your particular requirements, up to 2,500 N (550 lbs).

Hole pattern on the base plate
The base plate, which is suitable for both metric and imperial, has been designed to facilitate fast and secure clamping set-up.

Ergonomic handle
The plastic injection molded and ergo-nomically designed handle fits well in the hand and has a very good grip.

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